Plasma facing components (PFC, EUROfusion)

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Sebastijan Brezinšek (PL IEK-4 Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany)

Task Leader: Asst. Prof. Rok Zaplotnik (Jožef Stefan Institute)

EUROfusion work package PFC deals with materials used inside of a tokamak and their interaction with fusion plasma.

Our department collaborated in two PFC sub-projects PFC.SP2.2: Ammonia qualification and destruction and SP7.9: Qualification of (in-situ/in-vacuo) PWI diagnostics. In a dual atom beam experiment we studied ammonia formation on fusion relevant materials. We also studied the destruction of the ammonia. In the SP7.9 we investigated a possibility to measure ammonia production in the ASDEX-U divertor with a CDRS (Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy) which is a quantitative method.