Medium-size tokamak campaigns (MST1, EUROfusion)

Project Leader: Dr Stefano Coda (EPFL SB SPC-TCV, Lausanne)

Task Leader: Asst. Prof. Rok Zaplotnik (Jožef Stefan Institute)

Experiments on medium-size tokamaks, namely ASDEX Upgrade, TCV and MAST Upgrade, complement the work at JET. They have unique experimental capabilities and flexibility and provide what is known as a step-ladder approach for extrapolations to ITER and DEMO.

The MST1 task force coordinates scientifically the European exploitation of the medium sized tokamaks:

  1. ASDEX Upgrade at IPP, Garching, Germany
  2. MAST/MAST Upgrade (currently under construction) at CCFE, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon, United Kingdom
  3. TCV at SPC, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Our group collaborated on missions in ASDEX-U, where we installed a Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) in the mid-plane of the tokamak and made software for automated measurements. We also measured the ammonia production, with RGA and divertor spectroscopy, in the divertor region in nitrogen seeded fusion plasma shots. This study showed that from the spatial distribution of the detected ammonia, we could conclude that a significant contribution to the net ammonia formation is made in plasma-shaded areas through surface reactions of neutral species.