Integrated SERvices supporting a sustainable AGROecological transition (AgroServ, Horizon EU)

Project Leader: Research infrastructure for Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems AnaEE and CNRS

Investigators: Prof. Dr Miran Mozetič and Prof. Dr Nives Ogrinc (Jozef Stefan Institute)

AgroServ supports research and innovation by providing customized and integrated research infrastructure services in all fields related to this challenge, spanning from molecular to organism, to ecosystem, to communities and society. It takes place in line with the One-Health approach, with particular regard to threats and risks on agroecosystems and to enhance new agro-ecological practices and their socio-economic benefits. EMPHASIS is responsible to coordinate the management and implementation of the trans-national access process, allowing scientists to make use of these services and contribute to the overall challenges by excellent research. It will additionally contribute access to latest plant phenotyping facilities and technologies in Europe.

By delivering a pan-European and inter/multidisciplinary data ecosystem, and providing state-of-the art services on agroecosystems, the project will help society to build long-term capacity to respond to global challenges in the agriculture sector. It will also strengthen evidence-based policy making for a resilient and sustainable agricultural system and enable new discoveries and knowledge breakthroughs in the field of agroecology. Through user engagement and Living Lab activities, it will further develop the agroecology research community, encourage cross-fertilization and enable a wider sharing of knowledge.

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