Implementing gender equality plans to unlock research potential of RPOs and RFOs in Europe (ATHENA, Horizon EU, CSA) (CSA, H2020)

Institute Task Leader: Dr Romana Jordan (Jožef Stefan Institute)

Department Task Leader: Dr Ita Junkar (Jožef Stefan Institute)

ATHENA project aims at removing barriers to the recruitment, retention and career progression of female researchers; address gender imbalances in decision-making processes and generate a cultural change needed to avoid future gender bias and discriminatory practices through the implementation of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in 6 Research Performing and 2 Research Funding organisations. Thanks to the implementation of the GEPs, ATHENA will contribute to unlocking the research potential of these organisations thus improving the overall performance of the European Research Area and helping to close the innovation divide by avoiding the waste of talent and inefficient use of skilled women from weaker regions of the EU.

Our department is actively involved in gender equality assessment at the organizational level as well as the preparation, implementation and monitoring of GEP. We are a part of the newly established gender equality plan implementation (GEPI) committee and actively work on communication and dissemination strategies to increase gender equality awareness at JSI.

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