Novel Surface Modification of Dental Prosthetic Replacements by Gaseous Plasma (J3-4502)

Project Leader: Dr. Metka Benčina (Jozef Stefan Institute)

Multidisciplinary project team will focus on the development of rapid and innovative surface modification routes that will allow a reliable and durable bond between dental cement and tooth replacements, without the need to use chemicals that are toxic to the environment and humans. Within the project, ceramic and composite, i.e., metal-ceramic tooth replacements, will be treated with atmospheric plasma in order to improve the direct adhesion of dental cements. Due to the beneficial effects of plasma treatment for various dental materials, the second part of the research will also be focused on ii.) improvement of biocompatibility, in terms of ion leakage and antibacterial properties of widely used titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) as a dental implant material by optimized low‑pressure plasma surface treatment, which will alter surface characteristics of Ti-6Al-4V, in particular morphology and wettability that are crucial for effective antibacterial activity. In addition, plasma treatment will cause the formation of a dense oxide layer on the surface of Ti‑6Al‑4V, which will prevent the release of allergenic and toxic metal ions into the human body.