Innovative configuration of inductively coupled gaseous plasma sources for up-scaling to industrial-size reactors (L2-9235)

Project Leader: Prof. Dr Miran Mozetič (Jozef Stefan Institute)

The coupling between radio-frequency (RF) generators and inductively coupled gaseous plasma in the predominant H-mode will be studied. An innovative multi-coil system for creating low-pressure gaseous plasma in large reactors suitable for treatment of materials of almost arbitrary shape and large dimensions will be constructed and tested thoroughly. The efficiency of energy transfer from the RF generator to gaseous plasma will be optimized. Plasma characteristics will be studied using a cut-off probe, floating electrical probe, optical emission/absorption spectroscopies (including actinometry and titration) and catalytic probes. Gradients of both charged and neutral reactive gaseous species will be determined in the plasma reactor loaded with different samples. The innovative coupling will be protected with a patent application. The innovative solution will be suitable for upscaling to large-size industrial reactors and will allow the industrial partner (co-financier of this project) enter the niche of custom-made plasma systems. Such plasma systems are characterized by very high added value and will be useful for advanced plasma technologies such as nano-structuring of carbon-containing materials for future applications in electro-chemistry, particularly for automotive industry.